How we validate RFPs / Opportunities

Citymart advocates for better municipal procurement that transforms our cities and helps new ideas flourish. We have helped over 130 cities like New York City, London, Dublin, York, Long Beach, Vancouver, Pittsburgh and Canmore deliver procurements that are open to new ideas, fair to all and accessible to startups and small businesses.

We have also helped thousands of urban innovators discover public procurement as a great opportunity and listened carefully to their experiences and aspirations.

Before we share an RFP or other public sector opportunity with you, our team carries out three simple but important validations to make sure that the opportunity is viable and fair by the standards of a small business with limited resources.


  1. The Opportunity is innovative if:

    1. It is open to new ideas / different ways of achieving the outcome OR

    2. It describes a new / future / emerging need OR

    3. It asks for innovation outright

  2. It is open for at least 28 days OR

    1. If it is open for less, we will contact procurement officer to ask for extension AND

    2. If they grant no extension, we ask for why they rush it AND

    3. If we get a credible explanation we will make a judgement call

  3. Evaluation criteria are fair if:

    1. We can understand them AND

    2. They are fixed upfront and cannot be changed