Let's Talk Community Engagement

MindMixer is a web-based town hall which empowers citizens to engage, inform and collaborate with government officials anytime and any place. MindMixer is designed to supplement traditional community outreach and media through web and mobile citizen engagement. 

MindMixer broadens the outreach efforts of government officials. It extends the dialogue via it's easy to use format and it generates high quality input without adding to the workload of government staff.

Citizens care about their cities, their neighborhoods, their parks, and streets and schools. Yet, regular citizens often think they cannot effectively and easily provide input, ideas and solutions to government officials. Time and again, community or town hall meetings are dominated by the same individuals who complain about the same issues. Often times, community or town hall meetings are held only when most citizens are working, effectively cutting them out of any community conversation. And, many people are intimidated by public speaking and would never stand up in front of a group of their peers and talk.

MindMixer offers a web-based platform that is easy-to-use for both government officials and citizens. It enables citizens to communicate ideas, issues and solutions with government officials when it's convenient for the citizen. The citizen can use MindMixer day or night; anytime they have internet access. In addition, citizens can provide input without having to speak in public and without fear of ridicule or intimidation from the crowd.

MindMixer is inexpensive. Annual service is approximately $12,000 (US). MindMixer is paid for by the government and costs citizen users nothing. MindMixer service is cost effective because it maximizes opportunities for input from citizens regardless of time or location.

The community impact of MindMixer is very positive. MindMixer engages citizens who often believe they don't have a voice in how government operates in their city and provides them a means to communicate. At MindMixer, we firmly believe that engaged and active citizens take more ownership and pride in the cities where they live, work, go to school and play.

MindMixer has a neutral to positive impact on climate. Naturally, electricity is needed to run the computers and devices required for using MindMixer. But, MindMixer provides the opportunity for citizens to provide input to government officials without traveling. There is no need to use an automobile, bus or train.