Your Enterprise Social Network

Back in 2008 in the technology lab of the Inspirit Group, the original idea for Zyncro became a reality when Zyncro Tech was set up. 

That initial and simple file synchronization tool has turned into a powerful business solution that boosts productivity, collaboration and motivation of employees in organizations. Zyncro is working to spread its social software solution with offices all over the world.

Zyncro is a secure, private and easy to activate Enterprise Social Network that doesn’t require any hardware or licenses as it is a cloud-hosted solution A private workspace for any organization or group of organizations that enables employees to share information as microblogging messages or uploaded documents, and access a well-structured professional directory of contacts for the whole organization. Internal collaboration and communication, file management, extranet for customers, suppliers and partners — all in a single platform.

Almost any organization, from a freelancer to a large corporation, as well as any SMEs, faces similar challenges and pursuits goals such as:
- Reduce email use
- Increase efficiency in teamwork
- Improve internal collaboration processes
- Drive bottom-up knowledge
- Promote the corporate culture
- Enhance internal knowledge management
- Improve version control of work documents
- Boost employee productivity
- Motivate employees and build loyalty
- Enhance internal talent management
- Improve efficiency in managing new ideas
- Reduce efforts spent on managing corporate information
- Enable crowdsourcing within the company
- Stimulate greater customer, supplier and partner loyalty
- Cut back on costs spent on the previous points
- Minimize efforts spent on managing information

It is possible to connect Zyncro with companies own systems and connect it to external networks. Want to publish in Zyncro and in Twitter at the same time? Want to share information with a group and your Facebook corporate page? Want to comment internally about what is being said about your brand on the social networks? Want to track the competition? All this is possible with the ZyncroApps that integrate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and RSS in your Enterprise Social Network. Major corporate enterprises need a social layer that stimulates and improves its use. Zyncro integrates with SharePoint, adding social features and improving usability. Zyncro also socializes major enterprise resource management systems like SAP, among others, which can now have social flows to share and improve business process management. Zyncro also socializes major enterprise resource management systems like SAP, among others, which can now have social flows to share and improve business process management. Business Intelligence systems like Google Analytics can also be integrated in Zyncro, determining the usage of your Enterprise Social Network and boosting analysis of the data provided. Starting with Google Calendar, Zyncro leverages all the strengths of Google Apps by connecting with its corporate applications. Activate personal and corporate calendars in Zyncro and access events in your organization from anywhere. The most powerful productivity tools on the Cloud are frequently added.

Zyncro uses web 2.0 tools to provide organizations with the capacity to: - optimize and reduce email usage - improve internal knowledge management and retention - encourage more efficient teamwork - motivate and engage employees in the business project - provide access to corporate information and documents Zyncro can be integrated with many corporate systems as well as cloud tools, leveraging the best functions in each system. 

Document management with SharePoint, master data control with SAP, corporate calendars with Google Calendar or LinkedIn professional profiles are some of the integration possibilities with Zyncro, making it a powerful social management tool in a corporate context. Apart from being an intranet, Zyncro can also become your social extranet, providing restricted workspaces for customers, suppliers and partners where you can share proposals, documents and hold business conversations. What’s more, Zyncro can also help you create virtual business communities in which different organizations can come together to share news, sector information, proposals and offers and to network...

A new paradigm has already settled in personal life, thanks to the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Personal information flows and human relationships have been dramatically transformed during the past few years.

An identical approach is about to transform professional relationships in communities such as departments, companies, cross-department and cross-company structures with a project-related existence, and beyond (e.g.: professional associations, relationships with customers, suppliers and partners). This upcoming transformation, driven by Y generation taking over management positions and taking advantage of the latest technology breakthroughs, is creating a new sense of belonging and professional productivity and relationship standard.

Corporate social networking technologies have some dramatic positive impacts on the environment:
- Cloud-hosted information allows permanent accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, dramatically reducing the need for using paper to have that information available out of the office.
- The permanent availability of this information has a secondary effect: reducing the need for physical meetings for review and feedback purposes. Only really useful and valuable meetings will survive to this transformation, resulting in less unnecessary travelling and fuel/energy consumption.