XWiki for Open Government

Using a wiki to communicate better with city stakeholders

Modern cities need ways to interact efficiently with their constituents. XWiki offers the tools required for a city to implement smart and innovative ways to exchange information with their people.

Technology offers great ways to make this communication easier, faster and more effective. XWiki software has been used by many national and regional organizations in order to improve their relationships with their citizens.

How can you better communicate with your citizens?

Modern cities offer a large number of initiatives, programs and opportunities to their inhabitants. This is especially true for business-related issues. However, navigating through a large amount of information can be a very challenging task for entrepreneurs and business people.

In addition to this, it is very tough for entrepreneurs without the right political connections to make their voices heard at the city level.

XWiki SAS offers software that addresses the issue at 2 levels:

* Making it easier to navigate the opportunities offered to entrepreneurs by a city
* Making it easier for city officials to assess the relevance of proposals submitted by local entrepreneurs

XWiki software offers a large set of features that match these use cases:

* Structured pages allowing to input relevant metadata and to sort through content pages quickly using live-filtering tables

* Powerful search capabilities so that users can quickly find the information they're looking for

* Comments and annotations features so that reviewers can easily assess the merits of any given proposal

* Advanced theming in order to deliver a visually compelling solution that will be both pleasing and easy to use for en-users

* Fine-grained access rights to define which users should be able to perform which actions within the solution

The French CNFPT's WikiTerritorial built on top of XWiki is a great example of an innovative way for a public organization to communicate with its end users:

Improving the communication between a city and its business community would have a positive economic impact at several levels :

* Reduced cost of communication between city officials and their business community

* Added value created thanks to the initiatives implemented based on the suggestions offered by entrepreneurs through the system

* Significant gains of time for entrepreneurs and city officials alike when updating and looking for specific pieces of information

Simplifying the way entrepreneurs can get in touch with their constituents could have a major impact on the relationship between cities and their business community at several levels:

* This would make people from the business community feel that they are being listened to and acknowledged by the city
* The most interesting unsolicited initiatives could surface and gain acceptance and recognition faster, leading to improved results
* Communication between city officials and their population would be greatly improved,

XWiki software runs on an server located in a data center. It has not specific climate impact besides the energy consumption of the server it runs on and the terminals it is being accessed from.