Knowledge Sharing Platform

Engineering Data Bank

Transforming information of accumulated success experience into knowledge will do a great help to an enterprise or a government. If knowledge and experience from all departments can be shared in a platform through a systematized tool, it shall really help the sustainable management of an enterprise or a government, since effective management and accumulated experience can provide high standard service quality and respond to the fast changing environment. Through this knowledge sharing platform, enterprise or government can achieve the following objectives:
1. Integrating operation to enhance overall service quality
2. Strengthening information exchange to establish high quality internet government
3. Strengthening collaboration to create a knowledge community
4. Standardizing operation to accelerate innovation application
5. Constructing paperless government to realize energy saving and carbon reduction policy

Information and communication technology (ICT) is expected to bring convenience and provide fast service to satisfy the business requirements of government and enterprise, so as to provide satisfactory service to customers, agency personnel, and cooperative companies. Service-oriented information architecture can reduce overlapping architecture and build common business service crossing customer and undertaker, for the business unit which requires using ICT to solve key business problem, so as to enhance administration operation efficiency and provide excellent service to the enterprise and government.

Lacking of service-oriented architecture platform, enterprise and government may face the following challenges:
1.Single window service architecture and back end information integration platform are lacked to enhance service efficiency and process transparency for fulfilling one-stop-shop requirement.
2.Information infrastructure cannot be shared resulting in excessive cost and resource waste, so that the demands of the energy saving and carbon reduction, and green environmental protection cannot be achieved.
3.Large information architecture cannot be integrated with existing services, so that innovation service cannot be provided fast due to lack of flexibility, resulting decline of government satisfaction.

Since the mission and authority are different for each government agency, cross-agency collaboration mechanism need to be institutionalized and standardized for a service-oriented government organization, so as to accelerate decision making. The invented knowledge sharing platform can provide a single-window service, enabling different agencies at different sites to safely store intellectual assets, accurately transmit information, share and exchange opinions, and check project progress in a synchronous manner, and can form a knowledge bank using the advantages of document management, to enhance cross-department communication efficiency and enable other department to get involved earlier, so as to achieve reducing decision making time. Therefore, this platform can assist the government to fast response to the changing industrial environment; at the same time, this platform can also assist the industry to provide excellent business service during creating emerging industry chain or facing transformation, so as to achieve the objectives of enhancing industrial competitiveness and providing high quality business service.

The characteristics of this service are as follows:
1.Intuitive user interface
2.Systemized knowledge classification
3.Immediate task notice releasing and tracking 
4.Flexible and real-time sign-off and setting
5.Effective security authority management
6.Document sharing, real-time evaluation and discussion
7.Instant full-text search

1.This platform enables government to provide enterprises a single window consulting through internet, capable of provide comprehensive service with standardized operation to reduce the handling time of project application from enterprises, so as to enhance the entire service quality and efficiency of the government.
2.This platform is installation free, enabling the enterprise to use this service by using browser through internet to perform cross-department communication and information sharing or exchanging, so as to shorten development period and reduce cost.
3.This service has been introduced to 412 related companies of the precision machinery industrial cluster located in Taichung, Taiwan, for real projects. The optimum operation process efficiency improvement reaches 18% after the companies introduced this service. According to the company’s response, the deployment of this service may create about 80,000 NT dollars in R&D manpower value, which could lead to about 400 million NT dollars industrial benefit in total for 400 companies who are using this service.

Establishing knowledge community in the organization and cross-organization not only contributes to activating the organization, but also accelerate the distribution and circulation of knowledge in each unit. After effectively classifying important information, organization members can quickly obtain accurate and immediate information, so as make decision and execute it rapidly.

1.As environmental issues become important, government has to convert into an online paperless government. By deploying this service, the win-win vision of developing information and communication technology and environmental protection can be achieved.
2.As global warming continues to accelerate, the problem of climate change becomes more and more serious. By integrating the green data center and the system to reduce waste of repetitive resource investment, the objective of energy saving and carbon reduction can be achieved while having high efficiency and low cost.