City data analytics and reporting

BellaDati analytics and reporting cloud tool reinvents the way how policymakers and citizens interact with city data. Click to connect large databases. Analyze, visualize and share live charts about health-care, security, tourism or public transport. BellaDati cloud app rollout analytics, reporting, dashboards and datawarehouse to everybody in the city. In fact you need just webbrowser and 3 minutes for sign-up to produce first city data analysis. Municipality leaders and citizens can consume and comment charts and tables in reports via iPad or iPhone. Analysts can drill-in and slice data to better understand citizens. Reports can be made ad-hoc and shared individually, with teams or on open data city portal. Build in full search always find important dataset or KPI. One button export online reports into the offline PowerPoint presentation. Instant connectivity to major databases and web services including Oracle, Google Docs or large Excels is amazing. It is BI platform that can embed live reporting into the city web without coding or via public APIs. Cloud or fast installation is affordable even for small city department. No matter if it is report on education or insurance. Any city data can be visualized and easy to be find by people. Social like user interface makes your city driven by metrics and transparent for citizens.

City leaders struggle with overwhelming volumes of data from smart data sources like power grid, waste water, public transport, health-care or public safety and have difficulty effectively analyzing it. There is little insight available on this data for executives. Public-sector analytics professionals are spending most of their time collecting and organizing data and less time on extensive analysis since analytical tools are too complex. It requires significant IT consultants effort to setup and to use it. Analyzed data are not shared between city departments and agencies. It means valuable data combination are lost. In example obesity of citizens correlates with ratio of grocery shops and playgrounds in neighborhood. If data are shared and analyzed, it could result in better services and resources allocations. Reports are very often local and GEO spatial and that requires additional effort for analytics. Agencies are struggling to deliver data in easy to understand chart, visual format to citizens. There is not one tool approach from connecting to smart data source, analyzing data, than selecting the data to be shared internally with city leaders and agencies and then via open data portal with citizens through webbrowser or smart phones. That prevents citizens to share data in community or participate in smart apps development via public open data portal API. City is not transparent to citizens. Management is not done by clear metrics and resources are not effectively used.

BellaDati analytics and reporting cloud application reinvents the way how policymakers and citizens interact with city data. It is complete data analytics, agile reporting, dashboards and data-warehouse tool. It consists of ready made connectors to large databases and ERP, cloud and web services. Data can be analyzed, shared in the team and than directly on the open data portal with build in search engine. Analysts can drill-in and slice data and find correlations to better understand citizens and plan resources. Selected reports are shared with city leaders on secured dashboards. Users can comment on particular KPI or whole report. City agencies can on-line share data analysis with local businesses in example insurance, retail etc. Citizens can use live real-time charts, tables and visualizations on open data portal and share them further without coding on smart phones or through web-browser. BellaDati platform includes public data APIs that encourage local community and businesses to create new smart city apps from existing data analysis. BellaDati is webbrowser and smart phone application that runs directly from the cloud or can be installed as on-premise solution at city server. It is joy to use and easy to setup analytics and reporting tool that includes also analytical services team if needed. Customer has got option between cloud tariffs paid monthly or purchasing of licence. BellaDati can be deployed in weeks for few city agencies and requires insanely tine IT budget.

BellaDati helps through user oriented analytics and reporting to setup common metrics that enable city to evaluate performance of departments and projects on a like-for-like basis. Access to public data is estimated to be worth €27 billion in EU according Climate group survey. BellaDati intelligence opens up access to public data for city leaders, analysts,citizens and third parties. Data connectivity, analytics and sharing is done in one app. It eliminates additional costs for IT integration and collaboration across city agencies. Cloud and on-premise installation eliminates costs for administration and user support. BellaDati data analytics with human touch and easy to be learned. This eliminates cost for education of analytics workforce. Mobile clients are already included in the BellaDati. Analysts can drill-in and slice data and find correlations to better understand citizens and plan cost of resources in public transport, safety, health-care, power-grid and other areas. Reports with visualized and analyzed city data can generate profit through market place for third parties businesses. Public data BellaDati API encourage businesses to create smart apps. It generates new business for them, creates jobs and at the end city economy benefits.

Visualized data agile analytics and reporting helps inside and beyond the city leaders dashboards. Indirect influence is in improvement of city services towards citizens in health-care, education, safety and other areas. Direct impact on citizens is done via open data portal made of visualized local data that everybody can understand. Since live charts and tables can be shared by click of the button on the blogs or social networks of local communities. It grows sense of participation and collaboration inside community. Local communities can upload own data from simple Excel sheet or via an API and without coding create own mash-up analysis that are made of data-sets provided by city and those gathered by community itself. Business community from sectors like taxi services, tourism, insurance or retail can benefit from trend charts and take the data to plan own resources, customize sales to the citizens and city visitors. Businesses can also develop Apps that connect to APIs or use directly visualized data. Open data is sector where even smaller city can support creation of new jobs and profitable businesses. BellaDati cloud platform is ready for this challenge.

BellaDati city data analytics influence climate indirectly via data analysis in example for variable parking fees, power consumption or waste water. City leaders can access live or historical data and trends via dashboards made of performance indicators. These indicators help to decide where to introduce green low emissions zones and how to get most profit for these low emission zones etc. Direct impact of BellaDati is ability to eliminate paper communication in city hall and other city agencies. Since all reports are on-line, live and can be shared on-line as well. BellaDati is web-browser and cloud based BI. Public-sector analytics professionals do not have to travel around the city. They can develop and share analysis from their offices or home offices. In case there is a need for offline report similar to paper, BellaDati iPad client perfectly takes the role. BellaDati requires only one central server. User can access it via browser that runs on low energy consumption laptops or even less energy demanding iPad devices.