Lagos: Off-Grid Power Solution

Lagos seeks safe, reliable and affordable power solutions that address basic energy needs for homes and small offices.





Lagos is looking for environmentally friendly technology to provide households and small businesses with off-grid power for lighting and small appliances.

In 2012, over 60% of Lagosians selected improved power supply as their most important request.The provision of affordable grid independent power to the 12 million citizens that will be directly affected aims to improve their quality of life and promote better security while providing innovative ways of increasing economic activities in an environmental friendly way.

Average households (around 6 people, mainly in detached housing units or blocks of flats) and micro businesses currently use a mixture of non-renewable sources such as fossil fuel (e.g. kerosene lamps & petrol generators) to power their homes and working environments.

Lagos is looking for renewable and environmentally friendly power sources that will enable its citizens to continue their entrepreneurial activities whilst reducing the financial and environmental cost of creating such economic activities. Solutions that can typically provide LED high luminosity at low power, charge phones and power hot plates at cost effective prices in an efficient way can transform the lives of users.