Citymart’s platform and business is the distillation of the fifteen-year journey of Citymart Founder and CEO Sascha Haselmayer and his team. Sascha applied design thinking from his architectural training to reach a simple insight: every procurement is an opportunity.

Today, over 130 cities have adopted Citymart’s tools and methods, now provided through Citymart's digital platform. Citymart’s work has been globally recognized by Ashoka, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Knight Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.N. Global Compact Cities Programme and many other organizations.

The early days

Sascha attended architecture school because he believed design was the best way to improve the cities he loved. But he soon realized that there were more effective ways to make cities better for its residents than just designing buildings. Sascha saw an opportunity to help cities address a constant stream of new needs growing out globally disruptive trends—urbanization, technology, demographic shifts, and climate change, as well as local opportunities for development.

In the early 2000s, Sascha and his team laid the foundations of the practice that is at the heart of Citymart today. They developed and implemented strategies in 50 global cities, ranging from Barcelona to San Francisco to Shanghai. The team built government partnerships with institutions, startups, and corporations to improve city services and to create the right conditions for positive change.  

Citymart begins

In 2011, the team founded Citymart as a response to the understanding that their wealth of experience could be applied to improving public procurement at a bigger scale. They asked themselves the question: What if we could build a solution that could improve any public procurement?

Since then, Citymart has proven its solution in dozens of global cities with public procurements that range from reducing chronic disease in London and stormwater management in Miami, to digital equity in New Orleans and independent living in Sheffield.

More than 30,000 startups, small businesses, social entrepreneurs, non-profits and corporations have been brought to the public procurement table by Citymart. 98% were small businesses, 45% minority & women-owned businesses and more than 90% say they are ready for more. With Citymart, procurement began to look more like our cities - full of talent, diversity and innovation.

As data science became increasingly accessible, Sascha saw an opportunity to combine Citymart’s design, training and consulting methods with intuitive digital solutions to deliver reliable and repeatable results. Today, as a result, Citymart is delivering exceptional outcomes at twenty times higher volume, at a fraction of the cost and effort to cities, businesses and innovation challenges.