The Challenge: First-time entrepreneurs often arrive at Long Beach City Hall without accurate information on the necessary steps needed to lawfully start a business and leave frustrated when they cannot submit an application because they do not have their paperwork in order.  In 2014, the City Permit Center served 52,000 customers and received over 39,000 phone calls on the Permit Center Held desk line.  Long Beach wants to streamline business assistance in order to maintain the high-level quality service for more businesses in a timely way.  How can the city support entrepreneurs starting a business for the first time by identifying their needs, responding to them effectively and proactively communicating the available assistance that Long Beach has to offer?

The Opportunity: The City of Long Beach is currently exploring how the City can make it easier for first-time entrepreneurs to launch, do business, and grow in Long Beach. The City of Long Beach wants to understand the types of goods and services that would enable the City to assist first-time entrepreneurs more effectively. The Request for Information (RFI) has been issued to obtain basic knowledge from organizations that provide such solutions. Responses to this RFI will inform a future Request for Proposals (RFP) that will be issued at the conclusion of the research phase.

Who can participate: The opportunity is open to anyone with a strategy, solution or idea on how Long Beach can make it easier for first-time entrepreneurs to launch, do business, and grow in Long Beach. This can range from social entrepreneurs, engineers, innovation consultants, artists, city officials, software developers, to general innovation and technology enthusiasts working locally or internationally.