The Challenge: Innovation in technology is happening in pockets throughout Long Beach. However, the different industries and communities leading the charge are not connected to one another. Evidence shows that without connection, this economic cluster will not grow and reach its full potential. To bridge this gap, the City of Long Beach is prepared to make capital and programmatic investments to develop and operate an innovation hub. The hub will have a physical home in downtown Long Beach. More than that, though, through the programming provided the entire city will become an “innovation hub”. The innovation hub aspires to be the glue that brings the innovators of Long Beach together to connect, exchange and inspire each other. The innovation hub should be a catalyst in the creation of new business ventures, job opportunities, and investment. 

The Opportunity: The City of Long Beach is currently exploring how the City can catalyze a local ecosystem that supports the technology and innovation economy. The Request for Information (RFI) has been issued to provide the City with industry insight, experience and understanding of the solutions available on the market. Responses to this RFI will inform a future Request for Proposals (RFP) that will be issued at the conclusion of the research phase.  The city intends to select and award a solution procured through the upcoming RFP in the spring of 2016. 

Who can participate: The opportunity is open to anyone with a strategy, solution or idea on how Long Beach can catalyze a culture of innovation.  This can range from social entrepreneurs, engineers, innovation consultants, artists, city officials, software developers, to general innovation and technology enthusiasts working locally or internationally.


  • Read the challenge statement here
  • Register with Planet Bids here
  • Review the Request for Information (RFI) located on Planet Bids
  • Prepare and write down your answers  
  • Submit your answers electronically as a PDF document via the Long Beach Planet Bids Portal here


How do I register with Planet Bids for free?
To register with Planet Bids for free, please connect via the Long Beach Portal using this link:

Can I participate in the challenge if I have an international company?
Yes. Long Beach encourages international participation in the challenge. If you are an international company and do not have a US affiliate, when prompted to provide your IRS Reporting Name, input your company’s name. Then, when prompted to provide an FEI/Tax ID number, input the last nine digits of your company’s phone number. 

What should I include in my submission?
Your submission should include responses to the 7 questions outlined in the Request for Information. Any additional information that is pertinent to the challenge can also be included in your submission.

Can I talk to someone to find out more?
For questions regarding this RFI, submit all inquiries via email to Natalia Gozdur at and carbon copy (cc) Eric Romero at

Questions must be submitted by Monday, February 22nd, 2016 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time, in order to be guaranteed  a response before the RFI submission due date.

Long Beach

The City of Long Beach, California covers approximately 52 square miles on the southern coast of Los Angeles County. Long Beach has a population of 462,257, making the City the second largest city in Los Angeles County and the seventh largest city in the State. Long Beach is home to many valuable assets including the second busiest sea port in the nation; notable tourist attractions such as The Aquarium of the Pacific and the Queen Mary; remarkable education educations such as California State University Long Beach, Long Beach City College, and Long Beach Unified School District. The City boasts seven miles of coast line as well as 164 parks.



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