WINNER: Eyes of Da Nang

The Eyes of Da Nang will bring together a powerful global partnership of three world leading organisations focused on making cities more livable for their most disadvantaged populations including, the elderly, low income earners and most importantly, children. The project will be custom designed from extensive community consultation and research of local customs, culture and materials which will promote high levels of community engagement, ownership and maintenance.

FINALIST: Placemaker

Da Nang PlaceMaker is a public space furnishing and enhancement strategy that includes: 1) Kit of Parts, 2) Modular Ensemble, and 3) Pilot Park solution. This design provides the City of Da Nang with the blueprint for a modular, scalable package of urban street elements (fixed and moveable), along with strategies for combining them to help communities create active public spaces.

FINALIST: Sport Streets Connecting Da Nang

Sport Streets Connecting Da Nang transforms the space into a multi-functional place with sports as an entry point through co-design and -building (so called placemaking) together with the Nai Hien Dong commune. Colorful training lanes connect this central public place with other open activity spaces in the neighbourhood and will activate Da Nang.