Citymart for Vendors.

If you want to grow your market by working with governments, Citymart offers invaluable tools to get a grip on a market worth trillions of dollars. Our mission is to make your business with cities easy, deliver only the highest quality and save you a ton of time and money.

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Citymart BidSpark

BidSpark will notify with high quality, handpicked and vetted government contract opportunities that match your business. No subscription fees - you pay us what you want.

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Partners, Primes & Subs

Partner lists are available for some BidSpark opportunities against a set fee. Download them to access a list of all possible subs, partners and primes to build your team.


Strategy, Design & Learn

Consulting support to help you improve business development, sales, get that first bid out or help your business plan or partnering strategy and implementation.

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Market Insights

Market Insights provide you a bespoke feed of contract opportunities that fit your business and research and analysis into trends on what innovations cities are purchasing.