Our team supports cities to articulate their needs and turn them into opportunities. We have delivered 90 challenges in 52 cities, in areas such as health, sustainability, social innovation, transport, tourism, economic development and urban services.

A new landscape of needs: distribution of themes for 99 challenges cities have completed with Citymart.

Challenges currently open for submission:

Madrid Smart Lab logo

Madrid Smart Lab - an initiative by Madrid City Council and Ferrovial Services inviting innovative solutions to urban challenges. Winners will have access to an exclusive acceleration and incubation programme in Madrid. Click here to learn more.

Enhancing urban mobility - improve urban mobility and traffic management in Las Tablas (Madrid) to enhance the quality of life for residents and workers.

Improving information access & citizens' quality of life - strengthen the community in Las Tablas district (Madrid) by improving communication and incentivizing healthy lifestyles

LLGA2014 logo V5

LLGA2014 | Cities Pilot the Future - a Citymart initiative that creates global market opportunities and accelerates efficiency and innovation in cities. The program brings leading world cities together with providers that have urban and social solutions to improve the opportunities and experience of their citizens.

San Francisco | Vision Zero for Traffic Safety - by prioritizing safety for road users, San Francisco has a radical vision to improve the quality of life in the city. Click here to learn more and submit your solution.