Shaped By Us

Making good ideas happen - a unique place for people to make their communities better.

Shaped By Us is a unique ideas management platform for communities and councils to be more resilient, together. It allows citizens to take ownership of the challenges that matter most to them and design breakthrough services for their community with the help of others – all from their mobile, tablet or desktop. 

The project was designed to unlock community innovation through crowdsourcing and support the co-creation of new services and transfer of power. Shaped By Us has been designed to scale.

Crowdsourcing is key to commissioning councils as they look at alternative delivery options for their services and explore opportunities to make services more efficient. Rather than mobilizing people as consumers (of services), crowdsourcing mobilizes people as citizens. Swayed by different motivations, and a sense of civic responsibility, citizens are able to come together and collaboratively design new solutions to the problems faced by dwindling services and budget cuts. 

Crowdsourcing allows councils to be open-minded about who actually supplies those services and be receptive to new ideas. Shaped By Us harnesses local creativity and resourcefulness, in combination with a more entrepreneurial culture in the public sector. It enables citizens to be the drivers of change and not the objects of it. 

Making good ideas happen, the strapline for Shaped By Us, sanctions the view that good ideas can come from anywhere; and that the flow of ideas and know-how occurs in many directions.