MyNeighbourhood Project

The Human Smart City Vision

MyNeighbourhood combines the Human Smart City Vision with the co-design and co-creation of solutions to answer to the Wishes, Interests and Needs of citizens (WIN methodology) using also Gamification and Design thinking techniques. 

In this perspective MyNeighbourhood uses ICT at a local level to capture user data to help recreate and motivate collaborative communities to deliver bottom up innovation which will facilitate smarter and more sustainable living. The MyNeighbourhood approach will lead to more efficient resource use within neighbourhoods and will provide the basis for innovative city-wide services for residents, businesses and government. 
User generated contents related to users’ needs and also to the modes of their growing engagement in the neighbourhood networking is integrated with neighbourhood and urban related contents to sustain the neighbourhood vitality and synergize social interaction towards better quality of life. The ultimate aim of MyNeighbourhood is to kick-start a viral effect wherein urban neighbours across Europe will use the MyNeighbourhood platform to reconnect with one another, share new ideas, create new ways of interacting and help to make their lives “smarter”.