Dream Your City

a network design methodology for collectively reimagining the city

Dream Your City is a participatory network design methodology aimed at rethinking and redesigning urban facilities in general and public spaces in particular. Citizens take part in a collective brainstorming process that makes visible their common view of a certain urban facility. It is a pioneer approach to the construction of new public spaces and services or the transformation of existing ones, supported by a physical and digital lab that hosts workshops, lectures, urban actions, communication and participation tools. The project involves various stakeholders that become part of the community and participate in some of the five working areas:

URBAN DESIGN, a technical research and urban approach to public infrastructures. It can be also aimed at service design.
PHYSICAL LAB, a “pop-up office” where onsite workshops, lectures, debates and exhibitions take place and the community can meet.
URBAN ACTIONS, a way for citizens to experience directly on the public space possible uses of the future square. Urban ‘mockups’ at 1/1 scale.
DIGITAL LAB, a participatory web platform linked to social media channels and a mobile platform, allowing citizens follow the weekly broadcasts, attend online workshops, discuss and contribute with ideas or feedback.
ACADEMIC NETWORK, exposing the project in local schools and proposing it as the course case study for international universities linked to this global participative brainstorming, and getting fresh, creative inputs.