CROWDKIT to Empower Communities


Co-Design for Neighborhoods and Cities

CROWDKIT enables local residents and business owners to work together on solutions for their neighborhoods and communities. The Crowdbrite team offers our innovative hands on “high touch + high tech” solutions to engage local residents in co-designing and implementing solutions to create a brighter future.

Our proven engagement platform and matching paper based canvases have been used by more than 40 cities to empower citizens to solve local problems from the neighborhood up. We have engaged more than 31,500 citizens in-person and many more on line to help co-design solutions for their communities.

We use engaging visual canvases combined with simple sticky notes and voting dots, just like the traditional meeting or workshop - but mirror it online in real time. A flexible solution that has proven effective in difficult to reach communities ofter underrepresented with traditional techniques and new online tools.

-Use our 30 prebuilt tools - or customize you own
-Leverage public and private sector investment
-Engage underrepresented and geographically dispersed communities
-Create local problem solvers
- A scaleable solution 

Identify and empower community champions to become ambassadors for the program to host neighborhood meetings, kitchen table exercises and work with local youth in schools.

This smart and integrated solution may be used for interactive workshops, team exercises, individual comments, and project management to inspire action and focus on results.