Commonplace: crowd-sourced, representative planning from the ground up

Commonplace is a crowd-sourced insight tool for local authorities, property developers and residents. 

Commonplace disrupts slow, adversarial planning with its platform for aspirational collaboration between planners, developers, residents and businesses. It promotes community innovation, transparent decision making, and best practice in consultation. 

It mitigates the risks of planning, lowers the cost of consultation and ensures that communications strategies are appropriate and effective. All this by listening and responding to the needs of the community. If Commonplace was deployed at existing participation levels across London, it would have >100k comments.

Commonplace is extremely simple to install and use. It works on any HTML5 enabled device (e.g. smartphones, tablets & computers), and requires to prior installation. People can add comments in a matter of seconds.

It has a software-as-a-service business model. It is accessed directly from the cloud, so requires no IT support or infrastructure. We charge an annual fee for each installation, and offer significant discounts for multiple installations (e.g. by a city).

Commonplace projects in London and Belfast have proven impact in increasing participation and shifting the demographics of participation in planning, and in raising issues not heard through other channels. Tower Hamlets recently highlighted Commonplace as a ‘gold standard’ in consultation. Other projects will soon launch in more cities around the UK.