Co-producing policy to address poverty

Democratising governance through deliberative accountability

The Social Action & Research Foundation (SARF) propose a new model of democratic accountability for Glasgow, which brings communities more closely into the decision-making process. 

Co-production is based on recognition that public services are a collaborative project between citizens and the state. It increases the capacity for learning about complex and uncertain causal relationships and supports a broader range of perspectives. This has significant potential to address poverty by bringing in both ‘experiential expertise’ and ‘local knowledge’ into the policy-making process. 

Evidence has shown that policy is most effectively influenced when policy is reflected upon, and alternatives put forward. This project will involve capacity building and action research in partnership with community anchor organisations around regeneration priorities in order to assess the current policies and co-produce evidence in order to collectively identify important social issues and the existing community assets. 

This will use a range of participatory research methods including community reporting, open data and photo-voice. It will then be followed by a supported phase of collaboration and connection between communities and public services to co-design solutions to the identified issues. It will connect community solutions to strategic priorities and include the development of budgets, delivery frameworks and quality assurance.