Co-creating a regenerative future for Glasgow

Using citizen intelligence to co-author a new future for Glasgow's marginalized communities

Glasgow’s legacy of regeneration brings with it both positive examples and cautionary tales. The transformative effects of these regeneration processes have addressed many important challenges facing the city. Embracing previously unheralded elements, such as cultural amenities and programming, to revitalize the city at large demonstrates the local government’s commitment to using unconventional approaches to achieve results in regeneration. However, more remains to be done in actively engaging and working with marginalized communities to not only continue the momentum of past regeneration processes but also to ensure that results from any future process are evenly experienced across the city and that marginalized communities are best able to solve the substantive issues facing them within this regenerative framework.

We look to innovative public engagement practices to open discussion, build capacity, and achieve practical solutions. The place-based engagement process is one driven by building goodwill and seeing results, and serves to catalyze the community towards action, cooperation, and ownership. It opens minds to new possibilities, and empowers both citizens and professionals alike to work towards shared goals. The process drives a more meaningful and inclusive approach to supporting local communities. When when people contribute to the development of their neighbourhood, they care about it. When they care about it, they become committed to its success