Cities designed by Citizens!

The world’s first online and real-life co-creation city planning toolkit with the help of the most popular construction toy in Spain and the rest of the world: Lego!

We now face mayor challenges that impact the livability and resilience of our cities. Though there are large corporations with Smart City solutions, we also see the Smart Citizen emerge. Citizens self-organize, create their ideas and products online and find new ways of distribution and sharing information. 

To come to successful solutions, cities need to harness the creative power of their citizens. The challenge is to create a platform for dialogue between municipalities and citizens on the future of the city that truly inspires creativity, is inclusive and collaborative. 

We bring you the world’s first online and real-life co-creation city planning toolkit supported by the most popular construction toy in the world: Lego! Citizens create future scenarios for city planning & community needs, directly onto the geographical problem area. Both online & offline, with Lego. Extreme rapid prototyping!

‘Build with Chrome’ allows you to build structures with digital Lego on top of the world. In the real world we organize a co-creation community competition that invites teams from different districts to develop ideas for relevant issues in the neighborhood, district and city, hosted in local community hubs. 

The Lego models are evaluated by a jury of city officials, architects, designers and investors. All models are published on the Facebook community and the best ones transformed by a Lego artist into a conversation piece placed at city hall.