Adding Seats to the Table

Engaging Residents of Glasgow in Ongoing Dialogue on Creating Healthy Communities

While the city of Glasgow has experienced great economic success in recent years, this success has not trickled down to the city's poorest residents. It is important that future growth is guided not only by political and business leaders, but also by the voice of people who live in Glasgow's poorer neighborhoods. Their perspectives can shape economic strategy, guide public and private investment, and ensure that the city's ongoing growth will strengthen their neighborhoods. Such opportunities for dialogue should be meaningful, practical, and ongoing.

The Center for Social Innovation (C4), a mission-driven small business based in Boston, USA, proposes a project called "Adding Seats to the Table: Engaging Residents of Glasgow in Ongoing Dialogue on Creating Healthy Communities." Based on a methodology C4 has used to great success with marginalized groups such as homeless families and youth/young adults in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, we will conduct a set of activities to engage Glasgow's poorest residents in ongoing dialogue with political and business leaders. Specific activities include 1) an environmental scan, 2) a kickoff summit and follow-up work session, 3) an online course on self-advocacy skills, 4) a social media/public awareness campaign to promote engagement, and 5) coaching circles on community organizing. 

We will pilot these strategies in Phase 1 of the project, then work with city leaders to plan an effort to bring the project to scale in Phase 2