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streetsblog.netToday I stumbled upon a competition being held by Treehugger, the self-proclaimed “leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.”  They are polling readers to find the Best of Green Readers’ Choice in several categories.  Naturally, I checked out the contenders in the Cars and Transportation category for Best Transportation Website. I was actually led there by the Facebook post of San Francisco Streetsblog, one of the candidates in the running.  So again, naturally, I’m biased.  That said, I’m still somewhat surprised at the other nominated blogs, most of which are focused on cars and how we can make them greener (Green Car Congress, Autoblog Green, Gas2, EcoModder).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against making automobiles burn fuel more efficiently or avoid burning fuel altogether, but these innovations are not the bold, daring, and enterprising solutions we need really to solve the set of “green” problems we’re facing.

Granted, the competition is for best transportation website, and of course cars do qualify as transportation modes.  However, as a blog dedicated to driving sustainability, I would have expected Treehugger to take into account the inherent un-sustainability of an automobile-focused transportation system, even if those automobiles are hybrids, electric, or use a DIY “boat-tail” to improve gas mileage.  Readers of this blog understand that automobiles encourage inefficient use of land and discourage more sustainable modes like walking, biking, and transit.

It should come as no surprise, then, that I voted for Streetsblog, and I encourage you to, as well.  Streetsblog covers a wide range of transportation extremely current topics while maintaining a focus on livable streets – the vision of which is not only environmentally sustainable, but economically as well.  I think they should be Treehugger’s best transportation blog because they deliver the best transportation coverage (from a sustainability perspective) to the people with the best chance of influencing our currently-unsustainable transportation system.

-Terra Curtis