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Modern Multi-Tasking: get home and buy groceries at the same time

[youtube] TESCO, now Homeplus, is a grocery store chain in Korea.  As an underdog to competitor E-Mart, Home Plus needed to figure out a way to reach more customers.  According to their research, Koreans are the “second hardest working people in the world” and as such, dread the once a week trip to the crowded grocery store.  Their solution?  Bring the store to the people.

They installed graphical displays in subway stations that exactly replicate grocery store shelves full of goods.  In this virtual store, rather than picking up the goods and placing them in your cart, you scan the QR code on the display, which adds the item to your online cart that is linked to your mobile phone payment system.  Remarkably, the actual item is then delivered to your door shortly after you arrive home.

The solution resulted in more productive waiting time for customers traveling on transit, and an increase in sales for Homeplus, making it the number one online grocery retailer in Korea.

-          Terra Curtis



If you’ve ever wanted to roll in style, UberCab seems to be the way to go. It’s a new iPhone app that beckons a limo, Towncar, or Escalade for you. It seems utterly (uberly?) simple to use, so much so that there’s really not much to say here. With the touch of a finger, a car comes your way. With one more touch of a finger, you pay. All this for about 1.5 times the cost of a regular-old-run-of-the-mill cab that you have to actually call. Sheesh! Check it out. [youtube=]

-Terra Curtis