Ebay, an example of easy mobile shopping

Theoretically, shopping on the go from with your mobile is a dream for today's busy, multi-tasking, Christmas-shoppers: shop while you commute, shop while you buy a latte, shop while you wait for a friend, etc. Yet the reality of mobile shopping is often much more frustrating, squeezing pages of details into tiny thumb tag windows. Variety and detail both suffer. For some mobile shoppers, however, this is changing: at least for those willing to gamble their way to a good find. Ebay's iphone app (5.5 million downloaded to date) narrows your search based on established shopping habits and preferences, gives you live-text auction feedback (ideal for the auction atmosphere), and allows you to checkout with Paypal thus removing the hassle of most mobile shopping experiences.

Other online shopping sites should look to Ebay’s example clues for clues as to how to make the leap from e-shopping to m-shopping.