ford motor company

Thursday Video: Big Ideas from Unexpected Places

Bill Ford, great grandson of Henry Ford, discusses the future of transportation and his vision for the auto industry as we move into the next several decades. He imagines smart roads, smart public transit, integrated payment systems, mobile phone cab-hailing, parking apps, and real-time data sharing among all things related to transportation. His talk provides hope that someone within the auto industry is thinking about sustainability and advocating for the ideas of sustainable mobility. It also highlights futuristic ideas that we’ve already seen created and implemented here at Living Labs Global. Take, for example, the SFpark app, Cabulous, PRT at Heathrow airport, and real-time bike data with the Vector Project. However, none of these ideas have achieved mass appeal or become everyday realities for most of us, partly due to the fact that no large company has yet adopted them as their own.

- Terra Curtis