financial incentives

CityRyde wants your Input

CityRyde are self-proclaimed bike sharing experts, helping clients pitch, implement, and operate bike sharing systems.  Since 2007, the company has been advising clients, and in 2009 released Spark, “the world’s first off-the-shelf software to manage bike shares.”  Today, they’re investigating the potential usefulness of a smartphone app that would pay you to do socially good or green-conscious actions, like riding your bike.  They’ve invited all interested parties to take a survey on the topic. CityRyde already has some interesting case studies, and I suspect they will have even more when they figure out a way to leverage financial incentives to increase bike riding.  (They’ve just hired a web and mobile app developer to aid in the creation of the app).  They currently offer three tech solutions: Spark (mentioned above), Inspire (carbon credit management software), and Ride Off Carbon (a mobile carbon footprint tracker).

Currently, CityRyde is working with two municipalities and six other clients.  Cornell University, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and The Related Companies LP have all recently adopted part of their solution.  Cornell will use Spark as part of its new campus bike share system.  Pottsdam is providing a bike share less focused on commuting and more on touring local historical sites, and Related Companies will utilize Spark for bike shares at apartment complexes worldwide.

- Terra Curtis