climate partners with UN Global Compact Cities Programme

Today, the global marketplace for cities connecting more than 50 global cities with more than 1,000 providers of solutions to improve lives announces a landmark partnership with the UN Global Compact Cities Programme. As part of the agreement, has implemented the Cities Programme's 4 dimensions of sustainability used by cities such as Melbourne or São Paulo to carry out their sustainability assessments.

The UN Global Compact Cities Programme is dedicated to the promotion and adoption of the Global Compact’s ten principles by cities, and provides a framework for translating the principles into day-to-day urban governance and management. will be the first global marketplace and solution resource to adopt the 4 dimensions of impact reporting in partnership with UN Global Compact Cities Programme:

- Impact on Ecology - Impact on Economy - Impact on Culture - Impact on Politics


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Already today, this model has been implemented in the Showcase as well as in the evaluation model used by the experts appointed in the jury process of LLGA|Cities Pilot the Future, underwritten by 21 global cities such as Barcelona, London, Paris, Mexico City, Lavasa, Lagos and Cape Town. thereby provides solution providers guidance in reporting the impact of technologies and other innovations in line with the objectives identified in the UN Global Compact process.