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21 world cities reveal the winning solutions to improve lives of 110 million citizens

Twenty-one cities from Asia, Africa, Europe, North and Latin America have announced the winners of the Living Labs Global Award 2012 (LLGA 2012) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Award presented major urban challenges faced by cities such as Barcelona, San Francisco, Cape Town, Mexico City, Birmingham, Rio de Janeiro or Lagos, to which 555 companies from 50 countries responded by presenting their innovative solutions. Cities spend EUR 3.5 Trillion annually in public procurement, and technologies promise major efficiency, accessibility and service quality gains.

During the first world meeting in Latin America on the smart use of technologies and services, public leaders from 21 global cities have revealed the winning innovative solutions that best meet strategic challenges like Affordable Housing Units for Lagos (Nigeria), Data to Help Fight Obesity in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Changing Private Car Use in Lavasa (India), Wireless Control of Urban Systems in San Francisco (USA), a Knowledge Square to enhance digital inclusion in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Participation in Service Design and Delivery in Sant Cugat (Spain), Digital Public Transport in Mexico City (Mexico) and Engaging Visitors Experience in Barcelona (Spain). Winning solutions of the LLGA 2012 will now be piloted in the 21 participating cities over the next 12 months, to evaluate their impact to meet the pressing challenges.

 The winning solutions are:

 City of Barcelona (Spain): Contactless tags to bridge real and physical worlds, by Connecthings

City of Birmingham (UK): Composting on-site in Green Communities, by Susteco AB

City of Cáceres (Spain): Sustainable Cities. Motion is Energy, by OTEM2000 - Green Solutions & Management S.L.

City of Cape Town (South Africa):  Cape GeniUS!, by SCY

City of Coventry (UK): HLG SYSTEM, by GLASS COVER Europe S.L.

City of Derry~Londonderry (UK): Contactless tags to bridge real and physical worlds, by Connecthings

City of Eindhoven (The Netherlands): The App that gets teenagers moving, by GGD Brabant-Zuidoost

City of Fukuoka (Japan): Smart PathFinder, by Where 2 Get It, Inc.

City of Glasgow (UK): SmartCity Málaga, by Endesa

City of Guadalajara (Mexico): Guadalajara: Keeping Road Surfaces in Top Condition, by Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment

City of Hamburg (Germany): Contactless tags to bridge real and physical worlds, by Connecthings

City of Kristiansand (Norway): City Direct, by Innovation Center Iceland

City of Lagos (Nigeria): Lagos state Housing Solution, by TEMPOHOUSING NIGERIA LIMITED

City of Lavasa (India): SKYBUS, by Skybus

Mexico City (Mexico): Modern Urban Transport Information, by Clever Devices

City of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Contactless tags to bridge real and physical worlds, by Connecthings

Rome - Lazio Region (Italy): Get on board and play with bUS, by Placemaking srl

City of San Francisco (USA): From Street Lighting Management to Advanced Smart City Services, by Paradox Engineering

City of Sant Cugat (Spain): MindMixer, by

City of Santiago de Chile (Chile): SFpark - A New way of managing parking, by San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

City of Terrassa (Spain): CityWalking, by UPC BarcelonaTech

In a unique global effort, 555 technology solutions from about 50 countries submitted to the Living Labs Global Award 2012 in February, while 109 were shortlisted in March. Winners have been selected after an international two-round jury process involving 147 jurors, under the auspices of Living Labs Global, a non-profit association based in Copenhagen and Barcelona working with 50 cities and 1,000 companies around the world to promote service innovation in cities. The Living Labs Global Award is a unique global process providing full accountability in the evaluation through independent experts. The LLGA 2012 was promoted by 21 global cities in partnership with Living Labs Global,, Oracle and The Climate Group.

The LLGA 2012 Ceremony of 2 May was attended by 200 participants from 22 countries in Rio de Janeiro as part of the Rio Summit on Service Innovation in Cities.


 “Today we have witnessed a major commitment towards meeting some of the world’s pressing urban challenges, with the goal of improving the lives of more than 50% of the world’s population by using clean technologies, smart services and better accessibility. The winners will now have the opportunity to implement their solutions in real-life, and work together with stakeholders in the 21 partner cities to prove their impact,” said Sascha Haselmayer, Co-Founder of Living Labs Global.

 The Living Labs Global Award 2012 has been an important event for the City of Rio de Janeiro, which will soon host the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games. We thrive upon knowledge and innovation and this Summit exchanges experience and cutting-edge solutions. It has been a very successful event. Through the Living Labs Global Award 2012 we received 109 solutions that will help us to develop our Knowledge Square, which is being implemented in 6 areas of the city and aims to enhance digital inclusion across Rio de Janeiro,” said Franklin Coelho, Secretary of Science and Technology of the City of Rio de Janeiro, host city and partner of the LLGA 2012.

The cities will be considered at the cutting edge of innovation and progress, as contactless technologies and associated mobile services are about to revolutionize mobile usages. They will also enjoy a new two-channel interactive communication tool, visible and accessible to everyone which is particularly important for an emerging global city. Connecthings will be glad to benefit from such prestigious international references and to demonstrate that its solutions are flexible and adaptable to cities’ diverse challenges,” said Damaris Homo, Business Development Manager at Connecthings, winner of four LLGA 2012, including the categories of Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona.

With initiatives like the Living Labs Global Award 2012 we are transforming Barcelona into a platform for innovation. We would like to see successful projects in the city being replicated in others, such as Rio de Janeiro or Paris, to name a few. The city of Rio as the host of the next Football World Cup and the Olympic Games must also think about their legacy and how the infrastructure will bring benefits to its citizens in the future, said Josep M. Piqué, Strategic Sectors Director, 22@ Barcelona, partner city of the LLGA 2012.

“Over 50% of the world population lives in cities and only by having them on our side will we win the battle against pollution and build a better world. We have to disseminate the Clean Revolution to city leaders, said Molly Webb, Head of Smart Technologies, The Climate Group, partner of the LLGA 2012.

On the second day of the meeting, May 3, during the Rio Summit on Service Innovation in Cities, 200 delegates from 22 countries, including public leaders from 30 international cities and pioneering entrepreneurs driving social and technological innovation are engaging in matchmaking activities to foster partnerships and dialogues on the investment priorities of participating cities: Urban Systems & Services, Health & Wellbeing, Open Government & Accessibility, Clean and Green Cities, Tourism & Mobility.

On May 4, delegates join LLGA 2012 local immersion programme to experience some of the ground-breaking projects, such as the Change through Digital Inclusion (CDI) programme in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, now adopted by 717 communities in 14 countries.


Citymart.coml is a non-profit association based in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Barcelona (Spain), working with 50 cities and 1,000 companies and research centres in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas with a mission to open the market for service innovation in cities and overcoming key technology, organisation and trade barriers. The Living Labs Global Award is an annual process over 8 months in which cities present their challenges and provide guidance to the business and technology community on future investment plans and needs. Solution providers respond by submitting existing technologies as entries for evaluation by an international jury.

Previous LLGA winners

Some of the winners of LLGA since 2010 include SOCRATA, whose solution has been implemented by San Francisco to power the city’s new cloud-based Open Data site, URBIOTICA’s intelligent waste management sensors for recycling containers and WORRLDSENSING’s cutting-edge urban smart parking solution.


More than 557,000 local governments provide services to more than 50% of the world’s population with an annual spending of 3.5 Trillion Euros per year. New technologies can radically improve transport and mobility, urban systems and services, open government, health and wellbeing and other key areas of urban life.

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Rio Summit on Service Innovation in Cities

The Living Labs Global Awards has been a months-long process that all comes down to a series of announcements and awards ceremonies next week in Rio de Janeiro. Innovators from across the globe will join representatives from 21 participating cities to share ideas on how to turn urban challenges into opportunity. Spanning 5 continents, over the next year these cities will each host an LLGA pilot project selected by a panel of city leaders and experts. As of now, over 90 nominated showcases are in competition for the awards, many of which have been featured here over the past several weeks. Each stands a chance to leave the Rio Summit with big plans to move forward with their proposed projects.

The summit begins next Wednesday, May 2, at the Associação Comercial do Rio de Janeiro. Awards for the participant cities will be announced throughout the day at the conclusion of each City Dialogue. The City Dialogues are mediated conversations held between city officials, business leaders, local experts, and peers of multiple cities to invite an exchange of ideas and discussion of trends taking place in a variety of contexts.

The second day of the conference, Thursday, May 3, involves an all-day Matchmaking Summit that is designed to connect city leaders with dozens of urban solution innovators. Activities throughout the day will revolve around networking, showcases, and interactive sessions to acquaint attendees with a wealth of new ideas, technologies, and business models being shared. The day will also include visioning workshops for all 21 cities, in which participants will collaborate on developing new urban concepts and strategies for cities to pursue in the future.

The final day of the event on Friday, May 4th, will involve turning from inward discussion of urban trends to outward interaction with the summit's host city. Tours and visits will take summit attendees to view recently completed and upcoming urban projects throughout Rio de Janeiro. This will be a chance for visitors to see on-the-ground solutions in action and also to identify future opportunities for Rio to continue to develop as a player in the global innovation market.

May 2nd promises to be an exciting day for all of those involved in the LLGA process. Keep an eye out next week on the LLGA website and here at our blog, where we'll be announcing the winners of the 2012 awards.

~ Allison Bullock

21 cidades mundiais premiarão projetos inovadores de tecnologias e serviços, no Rio de Janeiro

O Rio de Janeiro receberá a primeira conferência mundial na América do Sul sobre Tecnologias e Serviços Inovadores para Melhorar a Qualidade de Vida nas Cidades, organizada anualmente pela associação internacional Living Labs Global. O prefeito do Rio, Eduardo Paes, participará desta iniciativa que este ano tem o apoio da cidade do Rio de Janeiro, a parceria de Barcelona e outras 19 cidades globais, a Oracle e o The Climate Group, que realizarão encontros com provedores e especialistas internacionais, nos dias 2 e 3 de maio, na Associação Comercial do Rio de Janeiro. "A cidade do Rio de Janeiro orgulha-se de ser a Cidade-anfitriã do importante prêmio Living Labs Global Award e de dar as boas-vindas às nossas 20 cidades globais parceiras para intercambiar soluções e inovações, para melhoria da qualidade de vida dos nossos 110 milhões de cidadãos. Sentimo-nos honrados de compartilhar nossas experiências no Rio de Janeiro e receber inspiração durante o nosso encontro com os líderes das cidades da Ásia, África, Europa, América do Norte e América Latina”, disse o prefeito do Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes.

No dia 2 de maio, prefeitos e outros líderes das 21 cidades globais, como São Francisco, Cidade do México, Barcelona, Cidade do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro e Fukuoka, entregarão o prêmio Living Labs Global Award 2012 a cada um dos projetos internacionais que escolheram (dentre 555 soluções inscritas de 50 países) para atender um desafio urbano estratégico em seu município, relacionado com a mobilidade, segurança, saúde, gestão pública, acessibilidade, emissão de carbono e turismo.

Eduardo Paes anunciará o projeto que vencerá o desafio da cidade do Rio de Janeiro, a “Praça do Conhecimento”, que tem o objetivo de gerar interesse e aproximar as comunidades com a utilização de dispositivos e conteúdos baseados em web 4.0, ajudando no combate à desigualdade social e a exclusão digital. (Projetos finalistas:

Dando continuidade ao encontro, no dia 3 de Maio, 200 participantes, representando estas mesmas cidades, empresas e especialistas Brasileiros e internacionais se reunirão para a Conferência do Rio sobre Serviços Inovadores nas Cidades, em atividades de interação que potenciam debates e parcerias em torno de soluções para desafios locais e globais por meio do uso inteligente da tecnologia e serviços inovadores. A conferência estará dividida em cinco áreas prioritárias de investimento público: Sistemas Urbanos e Serviços, Saúde e Bem-estar, Governo Aberto e Acessibilidade, Cidades Sustentáveis, Turismo e Mobilidade.

A delegação da cidade de Barcelona, que contará com a vice-prefeita, Sònia Recasens, e o diretor geral de Economia, Finanças e Emprego, Jordi Joly, apresentarão as oportunidades de parcerias do programa Mobile World Capital e iniciativas locais inovadoras de transparência, confiança e interação com a comunidade empresarial.

No dia 4 de maio, os participantes do evento poderão conhecer alguns dos projetos inovadores do Rio de Janeiro, como o CDI (Change through Digital Inclusion), um programa nas favelas do Rio de Janeiro, que foi também adotado em 717 comunidades de 14 países.

Sobre o Living Labs Global

O Living Labs Global é uma organização sem fins lucrativos com sede em Barcelona e Copenhague, que promove o uso inteligente das novas tecnologias e serviços que possam melhorar a qualidade de vida de municípios de qualquer continente. O Living Labs Global Award é o concurso mundial de soluções tecnológicas para cidades inteligentes que organiza pelo terceiro ano consecutivo, e no qual participam empresas, organizações sociais e indivíduos que desenvolvam aplicativos, softwares ou empreendimentos inovadores que possam ajudar os municípios. Cada uma das 21 cidades parceiras da edição 2012 do concurso escolheu um desafio estratégico a ser atendido em seu município, por exemplo, Habitação Acessível na cidade de Lagos, Prevenção da Obesidade na cidade de Eindhoven, Informação Digital no Transporte e Mobilidade na Cidade do México, Acesso à Sociedade da Informação no Rio de Janeiro, Governo Inclusivo em Sant Cugat ou Gestão Eletrônica Inteligente de Resíduos Orgânicos em Birmingham. Entre Fevereiro e Abril, cada cidade selecionou um grupo de projetos finalistas, dentre 555 soluções inscritas de 50 países. As propostas vencedoras serão transformadas em projetos pilotos a serem testadas e melhoradas nas 21 cidades.

Vendedores anteriores

Algumas das propostas vencedoras do concurso mundial “Living Labs Global Award” em anos anteriores incluíram uma solução de estacionamento inteligente em Estocolmo, uma plataforma de dados abertos de participação dos cidadãos em São Francisco e sensores para a monitoração da capacidade dos contentores de resíduos recicláveis da cidade de Barcelona.

A Conferência do Rio sobre Serviços Inovadores para Cidades tem a parceria das 21 cidades do Prêmio Living Labs Global 2012: Barcelona, Birmingham, Cidade do Cabo, Cidade do México, Coventry, Derry~Londonderry, Eindhoven, Fukuoka, Glasgow, Guadalajara, Hamburgo, Kristiansand, Lagos, Lavasa, Rio de Janeiro, Região Roma-Lazio, São Francisco, Sant Cugat, Santiago do Chile e Terrassa.

A inscrição nos dois dias do evento poderá ser feita no site do Living Labs Global:

Para mais informações, visite, siga-nos no Twitter ( e no facebook (


Tel.: 0034 93 1855110 (Barcelona) /

Twenty Global Cities Launch Technology Award to improve the living standards of 100 Million Citizens

Twenty global cities, including Barcelona, Cape Town, Lagos, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco, in four continents, join forces with Living Labs Global, Oracle, and The Climate Group in an effort to find innovative solutions that will improve the living standards of more than 100m citizens by launching the Living Labs Global Award.  International technology and service solution service providers will compete for twenty winning spots that will allow them to pilot their solutions in these cities and put their effectiveness to the test.  

Babatunde Fashola, Governor State of Lagos says: “For any modern City, Lagos being no exception, the requirement to leverage innovation is no longer an option, but a necessity and this I believe is the objective of our partnership with the 'Living Labs Global Award”.

“Oracle is proud of the collaboration with Living Labs Global and cities around the world to improve citizen services through innovation and technology achievement,” said Juan Rada, Senior Vice President, Public Sector.  "Oracle is pleased to be the corporate sponsor of the Living Labs Global Award 2012 showcasing technology innovation in the Public Sector.”

Living Labs Global (, the non-profit association which promotes new technologies and services in cities will be working with Barcelona, Birmingham, Caceres, Cape Town, Coventry, Derry~Londonderry, Eindhoven, Fukuoka, Glasgow, Guadelajara, Hamburg, Lagos, Lavasa, Kristiansand, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Sant Cugat, Santiago de Chile and Terrassa to select the providers and the solutions that will best tackle key urban challenges such as social inclusion, intelligent transport, urban service automation, urban lighting, open data systems, smart living, and healthcare.

Councillor Paul Tilsley, Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council, said “We think the Living Labs Global Award scheme is a real opportunity to help find an innovative solution, fully utilising emerging technologies to efficiently and effectively process food waste, resulting in a sustainable energy source for the benefit of Birmingham businesses and residents.”

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission General Manager Ed Harrington says: "San Francisco is proudly participating in this innovative program to find the best and brightest ideas that will make our city infrastructure more efficient and resilient."

Daniel Hoornweg, Lead Urban Specialist, Cities and Climate Change at the World Bank says “The Living Labs Global Award is particularly useful in that it looks for transformative solutions from all cities around the world. The twenty participating cities have adopted a common standard and process to learn from each other, evaluate, and pilot solutions. This award again shows how cities are best able to learn from each other.”

Sascha Haselmayer, General Director of Living Labs Global said: “We are delighted to be partnering with such an important group of world cities. It is their vision, their leadership, their understanding of current and future challenges and their belief in the power of innovation that is making the Living Labs Global Award not only possible – but a blueprint for the future of cities everywhere”.

The Awards’ last editions attracted 562 entries from 41 countries with winners including, among others, a smart real-time peer-to-peer parking system in Stockholm and an open data citizen participation platform in San Francisco. Oracle Corporation has been named as the lead corporate partner for the Living Labs Global Award 2012 with providing the technical and social networking infrastructure through its urban technology marketplace. International NGO, The Climate Group, and The World Bank are strategic partners, incorporating the Living Labs Global Award into their flagship “Clean Revolution” campaign.

Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Living Labs Global and this impressive array of global cities. We live in an increasingly urban world. The cities’ investment in smart technologies and clean energy, their commitment to use innovation as the best way to both confront urban challenges and improve the living standards of their citizens are crucial in driving the Clean Revolution forward and ensure a cleaner, smarter, better world for all”.

Thomas Ebling, CTO of says: “Living Labs Global Award is an important global process that will contribute to our vision of revolutionising the way local governments invest in and regulate new technologies and services in cities. Its clear process, documented results and accountability are an important milestone and opens the window to large and small solution providers from around the world.”

Twenty Award Categories are being presented and entries are going to be reviewed by international experts against criteria such as climate and community impact, innovation, market relevance and ease of implementation. The Award Categories were defined together with decision-makers in cities around the world. Behind each Category lies the commitment of a city to pilot the winning showcase, with full institutional support to evaluate the impact the solution can have on reaching the community’s objectives.

Submissions to qualify for the Living Labs Global Award can be submitted until the 17th of February 2012. A shortlist of the top 5 Showcases will be presented by each partner city on March 5th 2012. The final Award winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony May 2nd 2012 in Rio de Janeiro on the eve of the Rio Summit on Service Innovation in Cities.

Mischa Dohler, CTO of Worldsensing and Winner of a Living Labs Global Award in the 2011 edition says: “Winning the Living Labs Global Award in May 2011 gave us a pilot trial of our cutting-edge smart parking solution in Sant Cugat. Usually very difficult to achieve, a town hall has actually committed within less than a month to testing and evaluating an innovative technology solution to ease the daily headache of finding a vacant parking space, improve the efficiency, carbon footprint and revenue for the city. For us, as a start-up, this was a major break-through.”

About Living Labs Global

Living Labs Global is a non-profit association based in Copenhagen, Denmark, working with 50 global cities and more than 500 companies and innovation centres to promote innovation in services in cities. In 2011 Living Labs Global was recognized as a major global social innovation initiative by Ashoka. Today, the global market for innovative solutions to healthcare, learning, transport, social inclusion, tourism and other services in cities is obscured by lack of knowledge about international experiences, technologies and new business ideas. Living Labs Global strives to collect and present solutions that make cities more attractive, inclusive, efficient and diverse in our Living Labs Global Showcase. Participation is free of charge, providing recognition, visibility and new project opportunities.  Together, we build Your Market for Mobility.

Endorsements of Living Labs Global can be found here: Award Twitter Newsfeed:

About is providing the secure online submission, showcasing and evaluation platform for the Award process as part of a vision to revolutionise the way cities procure, invest and regulate services. is a technology start-up offering a professional networking and market exchange platform that provides new scalability to build a rapidly growing community of more than 1,000 solution providers and 250+ cities. offers social networking, market intelligence, evaluation and market development tools to all professionals working with innovative services in cities.

About Oracle

Oracle Corporation is acting as corporate partner to promote global smart city solutions.

Oracle's Solutions for Smart Cities, which are based on our experience with local government customers and best-in-class technology and applications, enable you to do the following:

  • Smart Innovation - Resolve up to 90 percent (or more) of most government service requests through integrated multichannel services, including self-service Web/chat; local single numbers such as 311, 1823, 133, 115; Facebook; Twitter; e-mail, etc.
  • Smart Processes - Analyze and streamline key areas—service delivery, infrastructure expenditures, constituent feedback, and others—to determine which services to prioritize, extend, consolidate, or even discontinue
  • Smart Infrastructure - Modernize IT infrastructure to enable integration and interoperability within a city’s existing siloed legacy IT infrastructure and embedded intelligence into city infrastructure to enhance service delivery.
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About The Climate Group

The Climate Group delivers expertise in the evaluation and knowledge exchange around climate issues.

The Climate Group is an independent, not-for-profit organization, which brings together a global coalition of the world’s most powerful governments, brands and public figures across Asia, Europe and North America. Since 2004, we’ve been working with governments, business leaders and the world’s most influential individuals -- to push for the policies, technologies and investment we need to make the Clean Revolution commercially viable. Together, we have the power to create a smarter, better, more prosperous future for all.