Mobility Value: The Supermarket Checkout

Sometimes mobile or wireless service experts get baffled why users don't take up their killer-application. Value creation in mobile services is rarely related to their actual cost. Tourists can pay more in roaming charges than their entire touristic expenditure for an average stay; managing parking through advanced mobile services is rationalised down to a (high margin) mobile payment transaction. In today's mobility industry, users are expected to pay per kilobyte and not for their gain in efficiency, productivity, pleasure or other gains provided by a service.

If we compare this to a supermarket Check-out, we may arrive at the value-proposition shown above. Would you enter a shop in which you pay for a) the time you spent in the shop, b) the width of the corridors (bandwidth), c) the volume of the goods you bought, and d) 10% just for the pleasure of payment (billing fees)?