Mobile Security

Tech in the Airline Industry

I am writing this post aboard a small regional jet from my hometown in Bangor, Maine to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Unequipped with proper reading material to entertain myself, I picked up the US Airways in-flight magazine and began to flip through the pages. This issue opens with a letter from Doug Parker, the airline’s chairman and CEO.  Being the New Year, he highlights some tech innovations that will be launching in 2011.  These “innovations” range from the run-of-the-mill (Twitter and Facebook feeds, updates to the website) to the rather remarkable (check-in and boarding pass via smartphone). While not particularly revolutionary (I would call it overdue), another “innovation” they’re offering this spring is online rebooking services for those whose flight is interrupted due to inclement weather or operational difficulties.  For anyone who’s ever stood in one of those hideous lines waiting to talk to the one attendant serving a plane-full of people whose flight just got cancelled, you’ll understand the relief this tool will bring.

The last time I flew US Airways, I got stranded in Pittsburgh for two days and I vowed never to fly them again.  Lo’ and behold, here I am headed back to Pennsylvania.  Let’s hope it goes differently this time, especially because these innovative tools are not yet ready to roll.

-Terra Curtis

Biometric Fingerprinting and Password Independence

[youtube=] This last week, Validity Inc, a company that makes fingerprint scanners for PCs and mobile devices made a splash when the SEC released a report which indicated that the biometric startup had raised 12.6 million dollars in it's most recent round of funding. Though I haven't had the opportunity to test Validity's suite of sensor technology, feedback available online and within mobile technology communities has been--thus far--resoundingly positive. Whether or not this company is poised to be the gorilla in the market for mobile security is yet to be seen, however, the enthusiasm for the companies product has established a real need for more effective mobile security solutions. As corporations move towards relying upon mobile phones exclusively for business, the need for uncompromised mobile security services will continue to be an imperative and the look and feel of Validity's product seems to be about right on the money. It's like something from the Matrix, simply flick your finger across the screen and voila, you're either granted or denied access.