iPhone Banking

JP Morgan Chase's new Banking application for the iPhone makes managing your personal finances unimaginably convenient. It may be that the days of rushing to the bank during your lunch hour and spending countless minutes waiting for a teller are over. With Chase's new application, you can take a photo of any personal check (with your phone) and deposit it through the applications; it's just a question of selecting the desired checking account, entering the amount you that you wish to deposit and documenting the front and back of the check with the iPhone Camera----just like that, you get to skip the lines and get money in the bank. Moreover, the update released lat week allows you to conduct person-to-person QuickPay transactions with only the payee's e-mail address. And, while you're at it, use the app to check your balance. To my mind, this app is simply an easy, free, convenient fix. If still think this sounds dubious, then just check it out here.