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UpNext Ups the Ante, NYC

It’s not often that you come across a mapping application that provides equal utility and pleasure in one package.  This spring, UpNext managed to give us just that----Launching the mobile mapping application inspired by its online 3-D map of NYC that made it’s debut over two years ago.  In this user-friendly application, curious New York City residents and tourists alike are likely to find themselves lulled into an addictive series of tapping and clicking, bookmarking and sharing. For- despite the map’s sticky and slick 3-D rendering of parts of New York City (the application doesn’t cover every inch of the boroughs)- -the real brilliance of the application is its building-to-building search capacity which enables users to click on its sophisticated re-visualization of specific buildings and discover what’s inside.  From the comfort of your couch or a cab, recreate the joy of rediscovering your own city by clicking away.  Or, if you’re just visiting, stave off your mid-day meal disaster with a handful of taps.

It's fun too-According to Danny Moon, an UpNext co-founder, the statistics on user-trends suggest that people do really enjoy using this application.  That is, there is a high-level of user-engagement. In June, just two months after the app was introduced in the Apple App Store, each user had used UpNext for more than 80 minutes, averaging over 10 minutes per user-session.

Moon added that trends in the data suggest there are two kinds of UpNext users: the mappers, i.e., those that like to keep track of where they’ve been and the explorers, i.e., those that are using the application to discover the City.  With this app, even staunch, life-long New Yorkers can become an ingénue in their city, re-discovering its gems, block by block, building by building---all from the palm of their hand.

Indeed, this is when the application is at its best, providing a fresh and edifying birds-eye view of the city, allowing new discoveries in a place that many call home.

Take a gander at the UpNext showcase and if you're still curious, check out their website.