LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future 2014: Seven Cities, Seven Challenges, 1000+ Solutions

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Innovative finalists from 15 different countries answer the LLGA 2014 call for solutions

London, Glasgow, Malmö, Sant Cugat, Lagos, San Luis Potosí, Moscow: these are seven of the forward-thinking cities participating in Citymart’s 2014 LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future programme. Through this revolutionary initiative, these 7 cities have taken the bold step of publishing their challenges on an open platform to be seen by solution providers worldwide. The latter have answered the cities’ call by submitting viable solutions to the cities’ challenge areas, which include:

Street commerce enhancement • Off-grid power • Peak electricity demand • Traffic noise management • Food poverty alleviation • Citizen engagement for co-creation • Neighbourhood revitalization through collaborative consumption

Now, the results are in: over 185 companies and organizations from around the globe have submitted high-impact, implementation-ready solutions to these cities’ pressing social and urban challenges. Winners will be invited to partner with these visionary cities, with the ultimate goal of helping them to improve the lives of their combined 27 million citizens.

January 2014 marks the 5th edition of Citymart’s LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future programme, through which cities around the world are publishing challenges on a rolling basis throughout the year. This on-going open competition presents endless opportunities for innovators worldwide to scale up and export their solutions to cities that venture to share their challenges. So far, seven cities have publicly and transparently posted their urban and social challenges, joining the ranks of over 80 veteran LLGA cities that have trusted Citymart’s tried and tested open innovation process since its 2009 inception.

Citymart's LLGA  5-step process for open innovation. Connecting cities with solution providers through LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future forges a joint commitment to spread proven innovations in a more cost-effective and sustainable way, but also a unique effort in helping build smarter, more resilient urban communities.

Levelling the playing field for SMEs

The 40 finalist organisations are incredibly diverse in location, size and scope, from the Social Life in London, UK, which reconnects placemaking with people, to Nag1 ApS, a noise-absorbing guardrails company based in the Denmark, or Ikuna, a Chilean handicrafts start-up. In addition to boosted visibility and access to global markets, LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future unlocks unprecedented opportunities for SMEs to achieve recognition and consideration in local government pre-procurement processes, which would traditionally preclude them due to insufficient track records.

And the finalists are…

Over a 3-month period, Citymart researchers identified 1137 providers that can offer verified and feasible solutions for the seven LLGA challenges. A total of 151 solutions entered a first round of evaluation after being assessed by a panel of expert jurors chosen by each city.

Of these, 40 nominated companies entered the second and final round of the programme, in which they have the opportunity to showcase their products and services in depth to each city’s jury, which will choose one winner per challenge.

To see the finalists for each LLGA city challenge, click below: • GlasgowLagosLondonMalmöMoscowSan Luis PotosiSant Cugat

Cities Summit | Solutions Worth Sharing

From 23-25 June 2014, the 40 finalists will join key leaders from over 25 Citymart partner cities, past LLGA winners and urban innovation experts at an exclusive Summit hosted by the Mayor of London. During the Cities Summit, LLGA finalists will have the chance to pitch their solution in front of 200 attendees at London City Hall. Winners will be announced together with upcoming challenges and exciting new Citymart initiatives and partnerships.

Watch this space for more Summit news, and congratulations to all LLGA 2014 nominees!