Barcelona makes procurement sexy

Barcelona has broken new ground with the BCN|Open Challenge in a number of ways. Barcelona is one of the first cities to procure by challenge, meaning that the RFP for six solutions to be procured is not stating the desired solution, but the problem to be solved.

Mañana de sábado de trabajo intenso BCN | Open Challenge @barcelona_cat

— AnnA (@Fenix_Anna) May 24, 2014

But BCN|Open Challenge also seems to have hit the spot by breaking down the many barriers experienced in procurement, and creating excitement among entrepreneurs and citizens alike. In fact, the RFP page has received over 30,000 visits in the first 2 weeks of the announcement.

This is not a coincidence, but the result of a remarkable effort by city leaders, administrators and managers to design an open process. Further, the city has shown its creativity in a media campaign that reached citizens on all social and media channels - including the screens on buses and metros.

So it is not surprising to find a Tweet (see above) that celebrates public procurement as a lifestyle experience. How many of your friends or colleagues would post a picture reading an RFP at breakfast?