30 Measures for the Economic Growth of Barcelona

Jordi Joly, Director of Economy, Business and Employment, presented 30 measures for the economic growth of the city of Barcelona at BCN Creixement Round Table. Joly, who will be representing Barcelona in the Living Labs Global’s Rio Summit on Service Innovation in Cities, explained the financial path that Barcelona will follow in the next few years.

He said: “We want the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona to take a leading role. Barcelona city has to be its main axis”

  1. Create an employment market that connects talent with start-ups and other companies with high growth potential on a yearly basis.
  2. Create and implement plans for district and neighbourhood tourism as well as economic routes for each sector.
  3. Encourage public-private management of areas of economic and commercial interest.
  4. Implement an Office dedicated to offering help to Companies and Enterprises.
  5. Creation of a City Bond strategy worth  2 M€.
  6. Organisation of 7 investment forums each year.
  7. Attracting new unstructured private capital and promoting collective financing.
  8. Pay suppliers in 30 days.
  9. Creation of the “Barcelona economic showroom” a physical space that will aim to present the economic potential of Barcelona.
  10. Create a platform for on-line municipal bidding.
  11. Promote the values and the role of the entrepreneur.
  12. Promote Barcelona as a brand on a global scale.
  13. Facilitate the recruitment of 5 new strategic international fairs and congresses.
  14. Network collaboration and crosslanding with major cities worldwide.
  15. Promote strategic international relations.
  16. Metropolitan Growth Acceleration Program.
  17. Strengthen electric mobility in the city though taxis and motorbikes.
  18. Creation of the cluster of higher education in Barcelona.
  19. Turn the capital of mobile phone technology into the economic engine of different sectors.
  20. Implement an area of entrepreneurs in Barcelona in the same fashion as the “Zona Franca”.
  21. Create an international public tender worth 5 M€. Attract private funds willing to co-invest in strategic business projects.
  22. Formalize the incorporation of English in the field of economic development.
  23. Launch the program “reempresa” in Barcelona.
  24. Promoted the mentoring of 100 companies by entrepreneurs and managers of advanced age with accumulated experience.
  25. Expansion of Barcelona Globally. “Barcelona Growth" made up of professionals from Barcelona abroad.
  26. On-line guide with information and support for the procedures and settling of international talent and companies in Barcelona.
  27. Commission to boost employment policies in Barcelona.
  28. Organization of 3 entrepreneurship programs in strategic sectors.
  29. Promotion of Social Innovation.
  30. Creating the Platform “Barcelona Connecta”

The Barcelona Creixement Round Table is the management and monitoring body of the Barcelona Creixement programme, which is pushing forward the joint work of the main economic agents of the city by stimulating the economic growth of the Catalan capital and the Metropolitan Area.