Living Labs Global cities sign to share technologies and policies in Tainan

At The Global Smart City Summit in Tainan this week, our partner cities Tainan, Eindhoven and Lavasa together with the cities of Dubuque (US), Kortrijk (BE) and Helsingborg (SE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on Smart City developments and knowledge exchange in the coming years.

Tainan's Mayor Ching-te Lai concluded yesterday's lively exchange with about 250 participants at which six cities shared their visions, projects at which the issues of citizen participation, environmental sustainability, inter-governmental collaboration and new procurement practices were central issues.

One clear statement resonated across all cities: That Smart Cities are not a technology product, but the intelligent application of government policies, public-private-partnerships and a clear focus on and inclusion of citizens. Hence, the participating mayors declared their intention to 're-conquer' the smart city concept from what has become a one-sided technology perspective.