Lo-Tech Solutions

I’ve been caught up with high-tech, smartphone, and web app solutions, and other swiftly designed and smartly packaged gadgets for a couple of years now. There’s reason to be – people are adopting new technology faster than ever before, and that technology itself is faster. So there’s great potential in the market for data and communication. But, there are other smart, programmatic solutions to urban problems, too. I wanted to take one post to highlight a few I like. GreenTRIPS. This is a certification program pioneered by a non-profit in the San Francisco Bay Area called TransForm. The certification rewards developers of mixed-use in-fill projects for providing strong incentives for residents of multi-family units to use alternative transportation. The first few projects that become certified demonstrated wild success, reducing resident vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) by more than expected.

Bicycle Friendly Businesses. In the US, our bicycle mode shares are far below what is seen in many parts of Europe. So, we have a long way to go but there are many efforts pushing us in the right direction. The League of American Bicyclists is another non-profit group “working for a bicycle friendly America.” They have several recognition programs, including Bicycle Friendly Communities, Universities, and Businesses. The business program recognizes businesses that provide exceptional incentives to encourage employees and customers to bicycle to their business. A complete list of certified businesses is here.

Japan’s EV Car Sharing Service. A major Japanese developer announced this summer that it would begin providing EV car sharing and rental car home delivery options to newly built condominiums. The developer will also provide charging stations for the EVs.

-          Terra Curtis