Iceland’s Crowd-sourced Constitution

Iceland flagI’ve been writing a lot recently about wish-lists and solutions that are needed but not yet created.  I wanted to shift gears and highlight a project that’s actually happening right now in Iceland – a crowd-sourced constitution! From what I can tell from the translated version of the Constitutional Council’s website, after the collapse of Iceland’s economy, the citizens demanded and parliamentary groups decided that a new “baseline” was needed.  This implicated a re-written constitution through which the country could get a fresh start. It appears they’ve embodied new beginnings whole-heartedly by publishing drafts of the document online and inviting citizens to comment.  The page essentially links to their Facebook page where many people have contributed comments and ideas so far (I wish I could translate them to understand the content).  According to the GOOD article linked above, these comments are actively being incorporated into the document, which is perhaps the most liberal constitution simply because of the process by which it’s being created.

I’m curious about how they’re dealing with comments from non-Icelandic citizens, and if they’re even able to identify these comments.  Perhaps they’ve agreed to take these outsiders’ comments to heart, as well?  If anyone reading our blog is from Iceland, we’d love to hear your perspective on the project.

- Terra Curtis