Tone Check & Parker App

Technological innovation is all about making every day life easier and more efficient. To that end, two new technologies have recently caught our attention. The first is called ToneCheck, developed by the Canadian technology firm Lymbix, it claims to check the tone of the language contained in your email. Like spellcheck, which catches all those typos and embarrassing errors, ToneCheck analyzes your completed email and offers a read on the dominant tone, warning when it detects a phrase that might be too aggressive or nasty. Of course, levels of acceptable nastiness vary among emailers, so ToneCheck operates on a sliding scale, letting you set the specific parameters for tolerant language. For now, the service only works as an add-on to Microsoft Outlook, and is free for the first 30 days. You can try it here. The second hassle saving innovation is a smartphone application called the Parker App, offered most recently by the Washington Metro that gives users up to the minute information on the availability of parking spaces in real time. Commuters can download the app to their phone from the Metro website. Then, with the help of new sensor technology on location in the parking lots, the application relays which spaces are still available and for how long. The Parker App is offered by the firm Streetline and was developed in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. It has previously only been available in L.A., a metropolis that has its fair share of driving and parking headaches. It’s estimated that a large percentage of traffic—some say as high as 30%--is due to drivers looking for parking, and the Parker App, which also offers users information on pricing, time limits, and payment options, might certainly help. Though, as several tech bloggers have pointed out, it might be tricky for drivers to use the app while also complying with local texting and driving laws.