Call for Contributions to Business Guide on Innovative Public Procurement

Living Labs Global has been invited by euroPROC, a European Consortium gathering 10 European Regions (funded by European Regional Development Funds - Interreg IVC), to author & edit a guidebook for small- and medium-sized businesses on the business opportunities and strategic issues around new trends in Public Procurement. The Guidebook is to be published in digital and paper form in June 2011 and will be a highly relevant document for companies across the EU and beyond interested in entering and navigating new markets with innovative solutions. Public Procurement in the EU amounts to 16% of GDP, or EUR 1,889,394,720,000, and constitutes a significant market for innovative services and products, especially if procurement policies are clearly designed to consider sustainability and innovation measures. In Europe as in other global regions like the US and China, innovation in public procurement is supported by active policies to stimulate uptake of new technologies, higher quality services at reduced costs, and environmental and social impacts. Mechanisms that can unfold innovation, such as pre-commercial procurement or applying green measures to procurement are rarely understood by smaller businesses, that could benefit most from new processes.

Hence, the guidebook will focus on four great themes of policy that represent market opportunities for innovative companies:

-         Innovative Public Procurement and Lead-Market Policies

-          Green Public Procurement

-          Socially Responsible and Considerate Public Procurement

-          Electronic Procurement

We are issuing this call for contributions to make sure the Guidebook reflects the best possible insights from both government agencies (national, regional, local); businesses and professional expertise. Already high-profile government and business leaders have pledged their interest and availability.

Like our "Connected Cities: Your 256 Billion Euro Dividend" Handbook on Service Innovation in Cities, the new guidebook will apply a combination of highest quality design provided by Barcelona's Base Design with our insights into the issues that press SME's in entering public procurement markets with innovative products. We are aiming to provide our community with a valuable tool to assure that their innovations reach new markets.

If you are interested in making a contribution through pointing us to interesting cases, statistics, failures or success stories; share your opinion; or provide access to references please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss details or reply to this post.

We are committed to credit contributors, but respect also the interest by individuals to remain anonymous. Contributors will be invited to review the draft of chapters in the beginning of March 2011.