Rest your hitchhiker's thumb: Flinc at your service

[youtube=] We’ve written a lot lately about how advancements in both technology and legislation are increasing personal mobility (see Ubercab and AB 1871).  We’ve just discovered another example in flinc, an Austria-based company piloting their solution in the German city of Friedrichshafen.  They’ve also been noticed by the European Satellite Navigation Competition of 2010, winning an award in the location-based services category. Flinc integrates automobile navigation systems with mobile phones, and allows a driver traveling to a specific destination to connect, in real time, with a “hitchhiker” along their route, going the same way.  It saves both parties money and, by encouraging carpooling, saves emissions and helps the environment.

If you’re interested in seeing flinc piloted in your region, let your voice be heard!  They’re basing development on citizen input.  Check out the map feature on their website to see who’s leading in votes.  Posting 17 votes so far, Copenhagen hopes to see flinc at Living Lab’s Summit on Service Innovation in November.

-Terra Curtis