La Pétillante in Paris

I had to giggle when I discovered that city officials in Paris are trying to ween Parisians off bottled water by offering them sparkling water from a spigot. That's right, city officials convinced of the wastefulness of bottled water are trying to offer their citizens a tasty alternative by adding some sparkle to designated public water fountains; the water is chilled to an ideal temperature between 6 and 8 degrees celcius and then it is injected with carbon dioxide to make the water 'thin and tasty.' According to the director of the program, this is just part of an initiative “aimed at promoting tap water in a country where we invest a lot to preserve its quality.” And, more to the point, it's green. Similar experiments and programs have been tested out in Italy and directors found that the fountains provided approximately 920 gallons a day which means saving some 2,300 1.5 liter plastic bottles. From the cities perspective, it's an easy, affordable, and most importantly, green initiative that manages to provide true added-value to city dwellers.