Top Innovation Cities

Here at Living Labs, we’re concerned with finding the most innovative projects that move our world forward in a sustainable way.  Where better to look for these projects than in the top innovative cities?  Fortunately for us, 2thinknow has just released its report of the Innovation Cities Top 100 Index – a list of the world’s most innovative economies. 2thinknow examined 1,540 cities and ranked them according to publicly-available data on health, wealth, population and geography.  They then weighted each city based on their influence on 21 global trends as identified by “key trend thinkers” from Oxford, Harvard, and elsewhere.

Having lived in Boston for 6 years, I was not surprised to see the city well-ranked on the list, however I was surprised to see it ranked 1st of all, beating out both New York City and San Francisco in the US, as well as Paris, Amsterdam, and Vienna in Europe.  Living Labs’ home cities of Copenhagen and Barcelona ranked well, too, coming out in the 8th and 26th spots, respectively.

Probably most relevant, for us, however, were the 14 Asian cities on the list.  This is an area that we’ve known is producing interesting, useful, and innovative solutions, but also one that we’ve had a hard time connecting with directly.  If you work in the innovation environment in Asia, get in touch with us!

-Terra Curtis