Mental Health Mobile Applications

Mobile phone applications are being developed at a rapidly to help supplement and or bolster treatment options for mental health patients. Though the idea is not novel, I thought the continued buzz about different options out there and the ever-diversifying marketplace of applications warranted our attention. In May, NPR aired a noteworthy piece on this trend, providing interested listeners with an informed survey on the methodologies and products available to patients. In part, the piece was prompted by a number of nationally sponsored studies which explore how the computing power of mobile phones can help patients monitor moods, follow treatment recommendations and manage stress. According to researchers, the mobile applications can provide new insight into a patient's emotional variability and promote patient participation in therapy sessions. In particular, the applications are being used to target certain conditions, such as depression and schizophrenia. Some researchers hope eventually to expand use of the technology to treat anxiety, phobias, eating disorders and other mental health issues.

To learn more about this push for mental health mobile apps, listen to the full story here.