Mobile Ability

Through the Living Labs Global Showcase as well as this Mobility Report, the team here at Living Labs Global has made tremendous efforts to highlight the important impact of wireless technology for people living with disabilities----within the last year we've looked at PDAs that enable the visually impaired to better navigate Stockholm and we've shown you how a small town in Iowa took the initiative to change it's emergency response infrastructure to be more inclusive of the hearing-impaired by using mobile technologies, to name a few. For this reason, I was particularly excited by a white paper released last month by Mobile Future, a non-profit and non-partisan wireless coalition, which assesses the role of mobile and wireless technologies in creating opportunities for the 54 million Americans with disabilities. The report entitled MMobile Ability: The Transformational Impact of Wireless Innovation for People with Disabilities examines the demand for innovative technological solutions in disabled communities and emphasizes emerging solutions. Mobile Future Chairman observed the importance of such a report and of consequent action when stating: From the hearing impaired to those living with a cognitive disability, mobile services, technologies and products are fundamentally transforming how people with disabilities engage the world.”

In addition to pointing out markets for technological innovation, the report actively highlights the important role that policymakers can play. Though the report focuses on the demand within the US for such services, its perspective, findings, and implications are by no way limited to the American context.

It is certainly a worthwhile read. You may download the entire report here.