World Cup Apps

In the spirit of the World Cup Season, I thought I'd point you football fans out there to a number of useful, and appropriately distracting World Cup Mobile Applications which can keep you informed whether you're stuck in the office. Here are some of my top picks: 1) ESPN's 2010 FIFA World Cup app is one of the most popular apps in the store and it's free. But, because it may not give you everything you want, you can pay $7.99 to upgrade the app, granting you access to live audio, play-by-play announcer commentary and a handful of video highlights.

2) A second, slightly more sophisticated option is the 2010 World Cup South Africa app by Infinido which can be purchased in in the App store for a mere 99 cents; with this, you get instant alerts when a goal is scored, video highlights, live score updates and player and team profiles. While some of the information may seem superfluous, all in all, I'd say this app gives you more bang for your buck.

3) This year, the Associated Press did its duty and brought us an additional application iphones and blackberries. The AP 2010 World Cup Coverage app can be downloaded for free from the app store and keeps you up to date with matches, scoring and standings in the tournament.

If you're interested in streaming world cup coverage, I'd recommend Univision over Espn3 as I think the qualities a little better. Plus, viewers can stream coverage from from anywhere in the world.