Nokia Pedal-Powered Cell Phone Charger

When I first read about Nokia’s new Bicycle Charger Kit, I thought of how perfect it would be for long bike tours.  Upon further consideration, though, I see the new device’s real value is achieved in developing countries. Big mobile technology companies have their sights set on these areas, recognizing big market opportunities in countries that have completely skipped wired-technologies and gone straight to wireless and mobile phones (who needs a watch, stereo, or television when it’s all available in one device).  But, how do they expect users to be able to use these battery-powered devices in areas where electricity sources are scarce and unreliable?  In these emerging markets, travel by bicycle is a way of life, so Nokia’s recent innovation seems a natural application.

The Bicycle Charger will work with any 2mm charger jack, and users completing a 10 minute journey at 6mph (10 km/h) will have produced enough power for a 28 minute phone conversation or 37 hours of standby time.  The kit also includes a holster to attach the phone to the bike while riding.

In developing countries, the kit is set to cost approximately 15 euros.  In western markets where cycling is more recreational, the price will be higher to account for lower demand.