Speech Therapy and Mobile Phones

The young, innovative company Smarty Ears is beginning to positively shake things up in the world of speech therapy by creating innovative applications for iPhones, iPods and iPads. The applications are designed for use by speech and language therapists as well as individuals with speech impairments.

Though Smarty Ears was only created in August of 2010, it has released ten such applications via the Apple App Store; Amongst its most popular products is “Mobile Articulation Probes” – an exciting original app that allows for practicing and probing of articulation errors, “WHQuestions” – a great app that provides over 120 Wh questions for practice, “ iPractice Verbs” – an innovative app with visual and auditory information on over 130 verbs at the word and phrase level, “Fluency Tracker” – a handy app that allows for tracking of changes in behaviors associated with stuttering.

Though Smarty Ears does not promise to replace the role of speech pathologists, it does empower individuals and their parents to work independently on their specific challenges, tracking improvements and highlighting the most formidable challenges. And by doing it through mobile phones and applications, Smarty Ears makes therapy more affordable.