Health Risks and Mobile Phones

This past month, one of the largest studies to date revealed little conclusive link between cell phone usage and brain cancer, adding to the general ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding mobile phone usage and one's health. The study organized by the World Health Organization, involved several thousand people from 13 countries who'd been diagnosed with a glioma or a meningioma. Researchers looked to see whether people with tumors reported spending more time on cell phones during the previous decade than other people. The results also show that the 10 percent of people who reported the most cell phone use were more likely to be diagnosed with a glioma. However, the researchers themselves are quick to qualify the results, indicating likely biases and errors in reporting; a number of study subjects reported using their cell phones for as many as 10 hours per day. Researches go on to argue that the study itself demonstrates the need for further research inquiries. Despite these conclusions, many health advocacy groups have seized upon the study as a prediction of the increased health-effects associated with mobile phone usage.

If nothing else, the study demonstrates the latent demand for more expansive and comprehensive research inquiries into the health risks associated with the use of mobile phones.